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Read how Accenture UK Medical Imaging solutions provide an established range of medical imaging solutions and services to clients across the UK.


Accenture provides an established range of PACS and other medical imaging solutions and services to clients across the United Kingdom—combining industry expertise, innovative technologies and seven years of experience delivering high-quality managed services at scale. Our leading reputation is backed by deep global industry expertise and constant knowledge exchange. Our team is committed to constantly expanding services and solutions to provide our clients with excellent services, choice and peace of mind.

Learn more about the six principles that have guided us in our delivery of trusted medical imaging services across the United Kingdom since 2006.

We offer an established range of medical imaging solutions, bringing innovation alongside a fully managed service.

We are committed to delivering the highest quality solutions to our clients, keeping a sharp focus on service levels and customer experience.


South West England consortium awards Accenture with Cloud RIS contract

South West England consortium appoints Accenture as its RIS solutions partner, with fully managed service.

PACS in the Cloud – Revolutionising Medical Imaging Services

How Cloud technology can help the NHS with its unprecedented challenges in medical imaging services.

Meet the Team
Accenture’s Medical Imaging team offers a mix of technical expertise, strong delivery credentials and industry leadership to meet client requirements.

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