Accenture UK medical imaging — Delivering value

We are committed to deliver the highest quality solutions to our clients, keeping a sharp focus on service levels as well as customer experience.

Accenture Medical Imaging is committed to delivering a high-quality end-user experience through world-class technology and services. We continue to exceed nationally-required service level targets and help raise the UK benchmark.

We invest heavily in monitoring our service levels and customer satisfaction, and regular surveys reveal we are rated highly among clients. In addition, we keep a sharp focus on the continuous improvement of both quantitative and qualitative indicators.

Customer Experience

We are committed to bringing our clients industry and technical expertise they can trust, with fast and efficient services delivered through a consistent and high-quality approach to resolving, controlling, measuring and monitoring of our service lines. We embrace positive results as a reminder that we must keep up and improve on them even further. Client feedback from the survey has resulted in the following comments:


  • “Accenture service management delivery is very professional and project management is well documented and supported.”

  • “Service Delivery Management works hard to resolve issues.”

  • “The service front-end works really well. We’ve had no problem logging incidents.”


  • 75% of clients said they were “very satisfied” with Service Desk performance

  • Incident management rated high, achieving 5 out of 7

  • “The Service Desk and Service Delivery Manager (SDM) is A++++”


  • Clients gave the quality of their relationship with Accenture an average of 6 out of 7

  • 90% of clients reported they feel satisfied with the relationship

  • “We get excellent support from our SDM and have developed good relationships with other Accenture team members.”

Service Levels

Our top priority is to ensure that the quality foundation laid at the introduction of a service continues during its running. We will continuously and at length measure and evaluate a wide variety of performance indicators to achieve progressive improvement.

  • 25% reduction in all incoming incidents and a 40% reduction in high-priority incidents in our locally-hosted LSP service.

  • 92% reduction in our Priority 1 Incident response times in our locally-hosted LSP service over a four-year period.

  • 99% change success from our locally-hosted LSP service.

  • 99.5% reduction in critical service level breaches in our locally-hosted LSP service over a four-year period.

  • No service level breaches in our centrally-hosted solutions, also not in managed-as-a-service solutions, with zero downtime since 2010.