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TMT: A Breakthrough in Enterprise Collaboration

As an enterprise-wide collaboration tool, TMT helps ensure that the volumes of tasks are automated, accurate and completed on time, while the flow of information is seamless and secure.


Digital collaboration tools—instant messaging, social media, web-based project management and much more—are a natural part of our work lives today. These tools have improved communication and productivity and driven innovative thinking by bringing people together and connecting them with expertise and best practices.

But, frankly, these tools haven’t gone far enough. Why? Because most are team- or project-based. Enterprises today are so much more complex, with work spanning business units, different functions and multiple time zones.

There’s a need for more effective enterprise collaboration tools. Task Management Tool (TMT) is such an asset. Using a structured but flexible collaboration platform, TMT can assign tasks to individuals or teams in ad hoc or according to a pre-defined sequence. It offers greater visibility regarding task completion and allows review and approval before the work is released. Scalable to accommodate large organizations, TMT can serve as a platform for enterprise-wide task management.

Why Accenture

Enterprises are unique in the sheer volume of tasks and the ever-increasing flow of information moving into and around the organization. Across units and functions, workers are challenged to keep daily business workflows operating efficiently.

Approval wait times drag on and companies miss critical deadlines for new-product rollouts or other strategic outcomes. Despite delivering impressive back-office capabilities, technologies currently in place on the business side are not always as effective as they could be.

Enabling enterprise collaboration: Task Management Tool

Task Management Tool delivers enterprise-wide collaboration capabilities. Currently deployed at more than 30 organizations and used by approximately 75,000, it’s increased staff collaboration by 10 percent to 40 percent in every organization measured.

TMT has capabilities designed specifically for large enterprises, assigning tasks to teams or individuals, creating levels of sub-assignments as needed and ensuring all staff sees task information and deadlines in one location. As situations change, information updates can be provided immediately. TMT assignments can be changed at any time and email notifications are sent automatically to affected parties. As staff members respond, real-time status and responses are visible across the entire organization.

Specific Services

TMT allows all users to create approval workflows and modify them as needed. Its “one page, one button” approval capability can cut total approval throughput time by half.

Over time, organizations can use the data gathered by TMT to better identify which departments or groups have the longest approval processing times and where primary sources of tasks are located. This information can also serve to help measure and improve staff performance and, ultimately, provide for better interactions.

Enterprise technology capabilities hold great potential for organizations, but tools need to extend beyond the back office. As an enterprise-wide collaboration tool, TMT helps ensure tasks are automated, accurate and completed on time, while the flow of information is seamless and secure.