Supply Chain Management Solution for postal agencies solution

The Accenture Supply Chain Management Solution for posts addresses the unique needs of postal organizations.


Unlike other industries where the supply chain is a means to an end, for posts, the supply chain is the product, since they do not own the mail they process. This offering presents solutions to some of posts’ most pressing issues. For example, the solution helps to increase revenue by efficiently collecting large volumes of information about customers and their mailings, and managing the mailings as a valuable asset. Also, the solution helps reduce operating costs by bringing cost structure in line with private competitors, building processes that can efficiently accommodate clients of all sizes, building and planning for flexibility to react to variable demand, and using information effectively to plan and manage operations. Finally, the solution helps to improve asset deployment by building infrastructure for fixed demand with flexibility to scale up.

Why Accenture

Every link in the extended postal supply chain affects the next. Inefficiencies at any point are magnified down the line. With daily volume in the millions of pieces, multiple processing locations, myriad transport avenues and diverse business partners and intermediaries, posts need flexible control. Accenture helps posts implement a responsive infrastructure, develop a comprehensive operations plan and provide smooth execution for agility in a volatile industry.

Driving operational efficiencies in a postal supply chain is done in three areas:

  • Infrastructure Strategy
    • Align the infrastructure with business goals.

    • Make long-term decisions about capacity, physical locations, automation, staffing and transportation.

  • Operations Planning

    • Help increase throughput on the given infrastructure.

    • Make medium-term and short-term plans on forecasts, mail flow and routing, operating schedules, capacity and labor.

  • Flawless Execution

    • Execute the plans to meet the service and productivity targets.

    • Make real-time decisions on the daily dynamics of inducting, processing, transporting and delivering the mail.