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Improving supply chain efficiency


Is the current supply chain operating at maximum efficiency?

Total Logistics, now part of Accenture, re-engineers supply chains to reduce complexity and keeps your supply chain fit for purpose.

Supply chain networks grow and develop over time due to mergers and acquisitions, new developments such as eCommerce and eFulfilment, new markets, globalization and increased environmental awareness. Therefore, supply chains often become complex, inefficient and unable to address future demand.

We help our clients to review the product movements in their supply chain networks and redesign the product flows to increase efficiency by evaluating alternative options. Our supply chain consultants help clients rationalize their strategic supply chain decisions by completing location and depot analysis, network modelling, visualization and by running cost-to-serve analyses.

By improving the flow of information and encouraging collaboration between different parties across the supply chain we provide a platform to increase the speed of product movement, reduce inventories, control supply chain costs and eliminate waste.


The supply chain is the new battleground for winning customers.

Customers expect to be able to shop using a multitude of channels and get fast, cheap and convenient delivery, either to their homes, a store or a pick-up point. This means that retailers and consumer goods companies are having to completely rethink their supply chains, which have not been designed to handle these challenges. With constant market pressure being put on speed, cost and reliability of delivery, transforming the supply chain to drive profitable sales has become a burning platform, critical to future success. An efficient supply chain helps a business save money thanks to faster client deliveries, shorter factory processing times and better inventory management.

Industry trends and challenges

  • Increasing complexity of routes to market

  • Stock being held closer to market to shorten lead-times

  • Differentiation and fragmentation of channels and increasing use of distribution partners

  • Improve availability of supply chain data

  • More competition on price and market pressure to minimize delivery costs

  • The supply chain needs to be dynamic and able to support increased speed to market for new ranges

Benefits offered by Accenture design solutions

  • Identify areas for improvement to the supply chain

  • Propose short-term tactical enhancements and set longer-term strategy

  • Consider efficient physical storage and product movement, capture and analyse supply chain data

  • Understand how the supply chain can be managed and dynamically adjusted by the use of logistics systems and technology