Customer service strategy and transformation

Helping clients redefine customer service as part of an overall strategy to achieve high performance


We help clients provide differentiated service experiences based on the expectations and requirements of individual customer segments, and on the current and potential value of those segments.

We help enterprises integrate new service models that appeal to a more varied consumer base, target the right sets of customers and use technology to produce value-based service experiences. When combined, these capabilities can reduce churn and help drive predictable buying behavior and loyalty among an organization’s most important segments.

Accenture Customer Service Strategy and Transformation gives customer service executives the power to achieve true customer-centricity and reinvent customer service to:

  • Improve customer satisfaction at the transactional and relationship levels.

  • Get the right answer to the right customer through the right channel at the right time.

  • Develop cost-efficient service delivery that balances value to the customer with enterprise value.

  • Enable a differentiated service proposition across the entire value chain and customer life cycle.

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Why Accenture

Accenture offers a portfolio of strategic, analytical and operational service strategy solutions and services that help clients raise their performance levels and increase profitability. Our services are anchored by tested methods and tools; pre-integrated architectures and processes; and a worldwide network of resources for solution delivery and operations management.

With the Accenture Customer Service Strategy approach, we have helped leading global organizations analyze and transform every aspect of the experience they offer their customers—from service request receipt to completion, across every channel and every employee that helps shape this experience.

To create a customer service organization that supports high performance, customer-service executives must embrace the entire customer value chain and customer life cycle, and then consistently deliver a satisfying service experience even as customer expectations change. Accenture Customer Service Strategy and Transformation provides the framework to guide organizations through these steps as well as the methodology to monitor and fine-tune customer contact continuously to sustain initial cost benefits.

Specific Services

Differentiated Service Strategy and Channel Integration

  • Differentiated service experience: Evaluate current service operations; segment and analyze the customer base; and devise a customer experience blueprint that balances the cost of service with the current and potential value of customer relationships. Incorporate customer behavioral insights and implement employee skills, competencies and performance measurements to support delivery of the desired customer experience.

  • Customer enablement and channel integration: Identify high-impact opportunities by tracking customer intentions and behaviors from channel to channel. Increase customer usage, maximize the benefits of particular channels and supply consistent information across all channels so that customers get the right answer no matter how they choose to interact.

Service Delivery Management and Optimization

  • Service-enabling technology and architecture: Integrate and optimize technology to streamline operations and provide visibility across all touch points within one framework to quantify the experience from the customer’s perspective. Route customer contacts to the best sourcing option based on defined business rules, such as contact history, service tier, quality, cost or fulfillment time.

  • Service operations and analytics: Define a common framework and business capability to manage customer-centric metrics by identifying cost-saving areas in operations, contact centers and workforce and vendor management—all while providing a consistent customer service experience.

Service Execution

  • Service workforce and processes: Measure, manage and maximize workforce performance throughout the employee life cycle, including onboarding, service delivery and career management, to reduce costs and add revenue.

  • Service transactions and processing: Leverage Accenture solutions in convergent billing, revenue assurance and real-time prepaid and postpaid billing to increase customer value, reduce costs, add revenue, improve speed to market and simplify service.

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