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Open innovation: Service overview

Deep consumer & organizational insights are leveraged to build bold & truly differentiated product and service ideas.


Open Innovation radically reinvents the innovation process. It introduces fresh thinking by bringing together the collective experience and capabilities of people both inside the organization and beyond, bridging traditional communications boundaries and delivering faster, better solutions. By improving the creation, acceleration and commercialization of new concepts and technologies, it helps our clients realize higher value from their innovation investments as they power towards achieving high performance.

Why Accenture
Accenture has both the experience and the credentials to deliver value through Open Innovation. Our consultants have broad, cross-industry experience and a deep, first-hand understanding of what drives value in innovation and how to ensure repeatability. In addition to our own proven tools and methodologies, we also work with InnoCentive, a global leader in open innovation and crowd sourcing.


Open Innovation—is a key component of the Accenture Innovation Performance process framework. It deploys a three-phase methodology that starts by evaluating Open Innovation capabilities and setting governance and innovation metrics; proceeds by designing an Open Innovation model and piloting it internally; and concludes with an implementation and evaluation phase that also sets the stage for continuous improvement.

In addition, we offer the Accenture Innovation Solutions network, also known as the Innovation Grapevine, a tool that uses Web 2.0 technology and rich Internet applications to take an idea from early concept to execution readiness with the mass collaboration of up to 50,000 participants.