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Accenture innovation center for communications, media and technology

The Innovation Center in Europe, located in Rome, Italy, supports organizations that want to be leaders of the next digital revolution and convert innovation into business advantage.


Staffed with professionals with industry experience in broadband technologies, next-generation networks and value-added triple-play services and applications, the Innovation Center in Europe can effectively support broadband solutions related to different segments of the media industry, as well as the broader communications industry, including wireline, wireless, cable and satellite.

Areas of Focus

To help clients develop a broadband vision and support the creation of innovative, practical broadband-based solutions, the Innovation Center in Europe offers business know-how, implementation experience, technical skills, deeply knowledgeable resources and innovative applications. Areas of focus include:

  • Industry strategy and positioning—create and deliver successful strategies in areas such as digital transformation and migration to 4G.

  • Service innovation—implement service delivery platforms, and evolve toward innovative service offerings and application solutions in digital supply chain, IPTV, Web TV, mobile TV and mobility services.

  • Next-generation networks and operations—leverage Internet protocol technologies and platforms to migrate to an “Internet protocol over everything” model, with solutions for network operations, outsourcing, workforce management and network transformation.

  • Next-generation infrastructure and security—adopt strategies that can support interoperability and advanced security functionality while enhancing the enterprise infrastructure with next-generation data center and service-oriented data center solutions.


What's Next?