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Accenture Intelligent Processing Services

Improving tax collection to maximise revenue compliance.


Public service income today is lower than it should be and expenditures are higher largely due to errors, fraud and the general non-compliance that occurs in public service operations. These issues exist globally in public service operations and within all types of government agencies responsible for such revenue administration activities as direct tax collection and social security payments, and the distribution of benefits, such as welfare, tax credits and refunds.

Historically, government agencies have used analytics to identify and correct non-compliance after a transaction has been completed, such as reviewing a tax return or checking on a benefit payment. Accenture Intelligent Processing Services combine our public service industry knowledge and our advanced analytics practice to help government agencies address and close the revenue compliance gap in their public service operations.

Government’s ability to deliver public services for the future will require a shift from reactive to insight-driven revenue compliance, greater collaboration and cooperation across systems, and anticipation and application of proactive measures.

Why Accenture

Accenture Intelligent Processing Services provide rapid insight and proven industry expertise to help government agencies deliver financial and program integrity to achieve revenue compliance. Through real-time auditing and prevention of fraud and error, agencies can collect the right amount of taxes to help ensure the right people receive the benefits they deserve.

Intelligent processing provides agencies with rapid insight to focus on value and continuous optimisation. Solutions can wrap around existing systems and be implemented with low initial investment through flexible pricing approaches–and by leveraging organisation effectiveness, talent and change management, agencies can sustain and improve business outcomes.

Accenture’s comprehensive approach provides an end-to-end business view through a compliance framework that helps pinpoint gaps in tax collection, revenue and benefits, enabling public service agencies to identify the most pressing revenue compliance issues and take corrective action.

Government organisations that embed intelligent processing within their operations, processes, and systems are better positioned to improve revenue compliance administration.

Specific Services

Accenture’s Intelligent Processing compliance framework provides insight-driven services that address the main types of non-compliance: Under-declarations, ineligible tax credits, high-risk refunds, non-filers, and tax collection inefficiency. Intelligent Processing services are available for revenue and customs agencies in areas such as duty and tax collection. For human services agencies, Accenture Intelligent Processing Services can assist in monitoring areas such as welfare eligibility and pensions. Through a combination of public service analytic tools, analytics delivery, and business process integration, Intelligent Processing services address critical end-to-end agency operations involving processing, revenue compliance and collections.

Accenture Intelligent Processing Services provide agencies with the following benefits:

  • Rapid insight to focus on value and continuous optimisation

  • Solutions that can wrap around existing systems and be implemented with low initial investment through flexible pricing approaches

  • Results that leverage organisational effectiveness, talent, and change management to help agencies sustain and improve business outcomes

Services can be embedded in processing functions to prevent non-compliance, included in revenue compliance functions to detect and identify potential risks, and incorporated into tax collection activities to correct post-transaction non-compliance.

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