Accenture Defense Services

Empowering mission critical systems


Accenture Defense Services provides Departments of Defense, defense forces and related defense agencies with key enablers for transformation, operational agility, and process management excellence, enabling clients to meet future goals, mitigate risk and realise cost savings while ensuring mission success.

We provide leading services and methodologies that help departments of defense, the intelligence community and federal agencies achieve operational excellence in support of the warfighter. We help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of mission and mission-support activities through our organisational performance and business process improvement strategies, information technology systems and other rapidly deployed solutions that reduce costs and increase efficiency to ensure mission success.

Why Accenture

Accenture helps defense organisations support the war-fighter and achieve operational excellence in a complex and changing environment. We do this with proven delivery excellence; innovative organisational process and technology solutions; defense and commercial experience; broad capabilities and global resources.

Our teams work collaboratively with you—understanding the context of changing requirements and the needs of those you serve. Our ability to connect best practices and proven commercial solutions to defense needs enables us to deliver results quickly. We help defense organisations operate more efficiently and generate cost savings thus enabling more budget allocation to military capability. We bring deep industry knowledge and proven processes to the client to accelerate delivery, reduce risk and cost, and deliver value.

Our investment in research and development demonstrates our innovative approach to enterprise services for defense, transformation, supply chain logistics and analytics. We take pride in our track record of on-time, on-budget delivery. Our team of professionals with security clearance is certified and uses quality delivery methods that leverage repeatable processes.

Specific Services

We call upon our 20 years of experience in global defense and our leading practices developed from serving both public and private sector organisations to help you meet mission goals in an increasingly constrained fiscal environment.

Accenture delivers world-class capabilities to defense clients worldwide. As conditions and requirements change, we stand ready with proven technology, resources and systems to help you with key enablers for transformation, operational agility and process management excellence. Our services include:

  • Accenture Advanced Enterprise Services for Defense

  • Defense Analytics

  • Defense Transformation

  • Defense Technology

  • Defense Logistics

  • Defense Maintenance

  • Value Driven Business Process Management for Defense (BPM)

  • Cost-Transformation Framework, Value-Lab Approach, and Defense Benchmarking

  • Transformational Assets for Organisational Restructuring including Shared Service Center and Business Process Outsourcing