People now expect public services to be transparent, accessible and responsive. Meeting these expectations can be overwhelming. Any organisation can make do with incremental change—at least for a while. But building for the future demands bold moves and tough decisions.

As they transform how they serve constituents, public service organisations need a trusted guide—one that brings new and innovative ideas every day. Local and central government agencies, non-profits and higher education institutions can rely on Accenture Public Service Management Consulting to help them tackle their most pressing challenges by combining deep industry knowledge, meaningful insights and broad capabilities.




We work with public service organisations to help them solve top-of-mind challenges and seize exciting opportunities for change.

• Work as a data-driven, consumer-centric organisation.
• Deliver relevant, convenient and secure customer experiences.
• Take advantage of the latest user experience principles.

Transforming West Midlands Police

WMP have a bold transformation programme that will help the force meet current and future policing needs, manage citizen expectations and reduce cost across its operations.
Imagining a connected world

Imagining a connected world

Government-as-a-Platform is a holistic approach, in which the public sector collaborates with private sector partners, citizens and even robots to create better outcomes.
• Attract, engage and retain the right talent.
• Build a right-skilled, digital workforce.
• Develop a strong customer service culture.

Measured and treasured

Measured and treasured

Massachusetts puts HR analytics to work for it's people.

Filling cybersecurity roles in the public sector

Filling cybersecurity roles in the public sector

One main imperative for public service agencies is securing skilled security professionals to help protect public infrastructure and citizen data.

• Streamline how vital goods and services are acquired.
• Create a fast, flexible and efficient supply chain.
• Achieve results with strategic sourcing practices.

The new border agency

The new border agency

Emerging technologies driving innovation in border services. Embrace the new border agency.

Government back office - A centre of innovation?

Government back office - A centre of innovation?

Read Accenture blog on back office transformation and how, to become a Centre of Innovation, government back office needs to do more.
Defence in the clouds

Defence in the clouds

Cloud computing could be the differentiator in next-generation defense, providing access to timely, accurate and comprehensive data.
• Measure, monitor and improve performance.
• Evolve finance management capabilities.
• Explore new ways of working with shared services models.

Digital disruption in public safety

Public Safety organisations must look to harness digital to innovate and grow policing capabilities.

The new delivery reality

New technologies and capabilities are changing consumer expectations and creating new competitors, upending the delivery landscape.

Back-office transformation

Bring the back office to the forefront of government innovation.


Everything we do is built on the same foundation: We approach every challenge as if it were our own, and we do things with and for—not to—our clients.

Accenture Public Service Management Consulting is different because we know all aspects of this industry well. Our public sector experience runs the gamut—spanning all missions and functional areas. We are uniquely positioned to tailor relevant commercial leading practices for the public sector's unique needs. In addition, we combine:

  • Business and technology. Our solutions draw on Accenture’s strengths in business, technology and operations strategy.

  • Ideas and outcomes. We take a hands-on approach from concept development straight through to implementation so our clients realise outcomes.

  • Innovation. We are passionate about harnessing innovation to tackle even the most complex issues, exploring how bold ideas, rich data insight and emerging technologies combine for breakthrough solutions.

  • Trusted advisor approach. We have “been there and done that,” which offers clients proven perspectives and peace of mind.

  • Knowledge sharing. Our teams are backed by the resources, capabilities and perspectives of a global professional services company.



Public service organisations are at a tipping point. They must meet new demands in a rapidly changing environment. Will they get by making small changes? Or will they make bold moves to build the future of government? One thing is certain: Real progress demands real transformation.

We are proud to help public service organisations reinvent how they serve citizens and stakeholders. Whether delivering next-level customer service, building tomorrow’s workforce, streamlining processes and optimising the supply chain, driving business outcomes, or restructuring the organisation, we can help. We combine deep industry knowledge and bold ideas to deliver outcomes that matter. Let’s build the future together—today.




Emma Cooper

Emma Cooper
Managing Director, UK Health & Public Service, Management Consulting

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Nicola Smith

Nicola Smith
Managing Director, Consulting

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Christopher Lane

Christopher Lane
Managing Director, Strategy

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Keith Joughin

Keith Joughin
Senior Manager, Consulting

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