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Welcome to the European Centre for Government Transformation

The European Centre brings together a network of senior-level public service officials to share their ideas on innovative solutions and leading practices to deliver public service for the future.


What does the Future of Government look like?—Video
Learn more about the European Centre for Government Transformation and its inspiring work.

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The European Centre for Government Transformation—created in 2009 by Accenture, the College of Europe and the Lisbon Council—comprises a powerful community, pioneering events, groundbreaking research and though leadership to deliver fresh ideas and solutions to member states.

Learn about the European Centre for Government Transformation and its network of senior-level public service officials who engage in constructive dialogue and share leading practices.


Accenture teams up with public service organisations around the world, sharing a broad range of skills and knowledge, backed by strong research capabilities. Our aim is to inspire action by providing insights into some of the vital aspects of public service today: Operational cost reduction, operational excellence, employment, education, the future of policing, welfare reform, health care and sustainable public finance. For years, Accenture has helped public service organisations define their own transformation programmes and achieve high performance. Visit

The College of Europe, founded in 1949 and with campuses in Bruges, Belgium, and Natolin, Poland, was the first and is one of the most reputed postgraduate institutes for European studies. Every year, more than 400 students from more than 50 countries come together to work and live in an international environment. The European Political and Administrative Studies department offers a wide range of courses on the functioning and policies of the European Union. Visit

The Lisbon Council is a Brussels-based think tank and policy network, committed to making a positive contribution to society by engaging political leaders and the public at large in a constructive exchange about the economic and social challenges of the twenty-first century. Incorporated in Belgium as an independent, non-profit and nonpartisan association, the Lisbon Council is among Europe’s most authoritative and thoughtful voices on economic modernisation and social renewal. Visit