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Tax. Known for complexity over customer service, it’s not the first place you look for innovation inspiration. Unless you’re The Office of the Revenue Commissioners in Ireland (Revenue). In a world first, Revenue saw the opportunity to better meet customer needs using new technology—delivering game-changing outcomes. Read the full story here

For revenue agencies, customer expectations continue to rise, calling for service levels that are comparable to commercial brands. Customers want more personalised services and new channels such as chatbots and virtual assistants that are powered by a variety of artificial intelligence technologies.

The digital economy is thriving. According to our Digital Taxpayer research, within five years, more than 40% of taxpayers will be earning income by digitally sharing, renting or selling products and services. But digital earners struggle with tax compliance which could have significant impact on Revenue Agencies’ revenue yield and operating costs.

Now is the time to take action to foster voluntary compliance among digital earners. But how? By partnering with platform providers Revenue Agencies can create solutions that make it easy for citizens to comply.

Find out more by watching the Digital Economy Rising video and reading the infographic and SlideShare.

Taxpayer errors are widespread. In a global Accenture survey of taxpayers, over two thirds of respondents made errors on tax returns (or other tax form submissions) in the past two years. Designing more intelligent, personalised, user-centric tax systems can help dramatically reduce the impact of taxpayer errors for Revenue agencies.


Today we live in a digital world but, in that world, many tax agencies are still analog, or even manual. Agencies that want to reduce errors and raise voluntary compliance need to engage digitally savvy taxpayers in a different way. But how? Watch our latest video on how service design can help to achieve these aims.


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