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Intelligent automation is tablestakes.

The increasing maturity of automation, analytics and AI makes it possible to delegate more decision-making to machines supervised by administrators for faster, more predictable responses.

We are our own data.

Wearables, the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing converge to create our own digital twins, capturing, analyzing and reporting milestones large and small.

Services actually serve.

Dynamic, intelligent services integrate into our lives and are available whenever and however we want them. At the same time, financial benefits and assistance are seamlessly delivered digitally.

Machine learning creates smarter systems.

Machines learn from us both individually and collectively to make smarter decisions and anticipate new needs, driving business process optimization over the long haul.

Consumers take charge.

How data is stored and used is explicit and transparent, and people exercise clear ownership and control over how, when and by whom their data is used.

Establishing a North Star Future Vision

Our research found that benefits, assistance and insurance programs can become more anticipatory, integrated, trusted, convenient and radically human.

Four guiding principles

Intelligent support

Increase access to useful information and services by providing intelligent support across a range of touchpoints and environments.

Document-free processing

Remove the need to gather documents by providing secure channels with trusted, automated processes that obtain required data directly from the source.


Alleviate the burden of applying by anticipating applicant needs, consolidating processes and requirements, and integrating access to data.

Real-time risk analysis

Improve administrators' ability to mitigate errors and identify fraud by providing instant, automated analysis of applicant data and sources.

Horizon map for federal benefits administration

A transformation roadmap laying out the possible Now, Next, and Future state for the future of federal benefits administration.

Prioritizing investments and actions

About the Authors

Elaine Beeman

Senior Managing Director – Accenture Federal Services, Chief Leadership Officer & Civilian Portfolio Lead

Tim Irvine

Managing Director, Lead – Accenture Federal Studio

Kathy Conrad

Director – Accenture Federal Services, Digital Government

Chris Zinner

Managing Director – Accenture Federal Services, Civilian Innovation Lead

Vanessa Godshalk

Senior Managing Director – Accenture Federal Services, Safety & Citizen Services Portfolio Lead

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The big read

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Futureframe: Human-centered design at societal scale

Our full report exploring how agencies can use human-centered design to implement transformative change.

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Futureframe guide

A step-by-step guide to the Futureframe federal framework.

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Executive summary

A shortened version of the full report highlighting the main findings.