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In brief

In brief

  • Optimizing HR processes and related IT applications is essential—but challenging.
  • Applying HR updates, installing new versions and developing advanced applications traditionally demand time and effort across multiple departments.
  • Software as-a-Service (SaaS) maintains software centrally while offering full and exclusive data access to HR employees.
  • SaaS makes it easier to acquire and extend services—without the need for extra resources.

From on-premise to hybrid to the cloud

Digital technologies make it easier to provide HR services more efficiently in your company. But, HR systems must be tailored to the individual needs of the company—and also be future-proof. Modern HR uses IT applications whether on-premise or, increasingly, in the cloud, using as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Many organizations even run hybrid environments that use both SAP HCM systems and SAP SuccessFactors. Whatever the combination is, SaaS solutions are proven to be cost effective and flexible to meet the needs of the business in the long term.

Out with the old, in with the new

Software-as-a-Service makes life easier for HR teams. Instead of using the individually adapted applications of the past, they can tap into a highly standardized and efficient environment. Using SaaS does not require installation, coordination, or internal project demands. Software is no longer run within your company, but provided as a service by SAP. Additional innovative functions are not painstakingly developed and rolled out in-house, but provided by the software manufacturer and automatically applied. Just like that. Simple and fast, SaaS optimizes the user interface and offers a new, improved user experience.

Looking for more? Visit the SAP Store

Are you interested in additional functionality for your HR system? Perhaps you need tools for easier migration to new platforms. Or you are looking for up-to-date test data. You may need to feel more reassured about data quality, or find a way to better handle mass employee communications.

The Accenture Software portfolio of practical, add-on solutions for SAP SuccessFactors can meet these demands. Available from the SAP Store, and founded on our deep understanding of HR challenges and demands, they can easily be added and updated to make vital HR tasks simpler.

Use Case 1: Migration of HR data

Peter B., head of System Integration in an international chemical company, takes over the project management for the migration to SAP SuccessFactors.

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The first step in moving an HR system to a cloud-based solution is data migration. Each system has its own structure. Peter B. wants tried and tested IT tools that he can use effectively, that help him to migrate data securely, and that check and verify his data.

Accenture Data Comparison Manager is a software solution for migrating HR data from legacy systems to SAP SuccessFactors and for validating data replication after a migration.

Here’s a quick overview of how it works.

Use Case 2: Anonymize personnel data

Robert C., Global HR-IT lead of a major insurance company, needs to regularly provide his HR department with up-to-date data for regression testing.

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HR testing is a daily business essential; it needs to be simple, efficient and easily repeatable. Robert C. has already migrated much of his HR system to SAP SuccessFactors. With automatic software upgrades in the cloud every three months, Robert needs to provide the HR department with realistic but anonymous test data from every area of the company.

Accenture Clone and Test for Cloud and Accenture HR Data Loader can help. Accenture Clone and Test for Cloud brings fast and easy provision of anonymous HR data in SAP SuccessFactors for regression and quality testing, troubleshooting or training purposes, even in hybrid environments of SAP SuccessFactors and SAP HCM on-premise. Accenture HR Data Loader takes care of technical dependencies and the correct sequence of data when importing or changing mass data in SAP SuccessFactors.

Here’s a quick overview of how they work (Accenture Clone and Test for Cloud | Accenture HR Data Loader).

Use Case 3: Data quality

Laura W., head of payroll accounting at a food manufacturer, wants to discover false data before it causes problems.

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Payroll accounting is always a critical, sensitive function and is a high priority for any HR management function. Surprisingly, overpayments are still widespread. Laura W. is shocked when she learns about the magnitude of average overpayments at a symposium and searches for an effective solution that she can use company-wide. Laura wants to be able to rely on her HR data quality.

Accenture HR Audit and Compliance as-a-service simplifies continuous quality control and auditing of data in SAP SuccessFactors’ Employee Central.

Here’s a quick overview of how it works.

Use Case 4: Simple, error-free HR Communications

Sarah H., HR manager of a medium-sized service company, wants to support her employees with better HR tools.

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HR departments, HR Shared Services Centers, and managers need to create and send documents, letters or e-mails to employees every day. Personnel data and text modules must be correct and up-to-date—correspondence to applicants or employees often has legal ramifications, and mass communications, such as bonus letters, can be sensitive in nature. Sarah H.'s company already uses SAP SuccessFactors’ Employee Central, Onboarding and Recruiting. She is now looking for better IT support for its HR business partners, HR administrators and recruiters.

Accenture Document Composer undertakes the intuitive creation, distribution and filing of documents or e-mails in HR systems, on premise and in the cloud.

Here’s a quick overview of how it works.

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Regional Sales Lead – Middle East and Asia Pacific

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