Every company is digitally transforming, but few are realising value from every corner of the enterprise and achieving their true potential. Why? Because digital is still skin-deep for many, and value release painstakingly slow. Digital is pervasive at the front end of the enterprise, but frequently absent in the boiler room – the ERP – where much of the enterprise work gets done. And that is becoming a real barrier to investing more in technology-led innovation.

A roadmap to value

Our 2020 survey of UK CIOs shows that market leaders are no longer treating ERP systems as back-office transactional solutions managed by IT. Instead, CIOs from these companies are leveraging ERP as the agile backbone of the enterprise. And by enhancing and extending its reach out to the edges of the organisation, they’re using it to transform their companies into technology businesses and realising full value.

These leaders are changing their ERPs from siloed on-premise solutions into modern ERPs based on a digital core with real-time access to transactional data. They’re creating pathways to data across the enterprise and infusing intelligence to improve productivity, generate better insights and improve business decision making.


Organisations are already extending, or want to extend, inflexible ERPs with new intelligent technologies.


Organisations consider ERP as the primary enabler to bridge business and functional silos.

Five ERP trends to accelerate the journey to value for SAP customers

Accenture’s 2020 trends analysis has identified five key actions that we find crucial in future ERP evolutions. In combination or alone each has the ability significantly to transform your business models. Understanding them may help you to direct your transformation more effectively, and with fewer constraints. We illustrate the market trends with specific advice for SAP customers to help them drive growth and value.

Shift focus: from ‘Journey to the cloud’ to ‘Journey in the cloud’
It is no longer about the ‘lift and shift’ of infrastructure to the cloud. That’s already happening. Now it’s about optimising the cloud landscape and using cloud as your innovation platform.

Use core capabilities to scale innovation
An intelligent core ERP can bridge business and functional silos. It can help scale innovation using analytics and automation.

Partner with Cloud Captains to differentiate
Cloud Captains are service providers who truly understand our cloud-based world, the implication of driving growth, increasing agility, and controlling cost through DevOps, automation, analytics and integration.

Become hyper-relevant
Good customer interaction is not enough on its own. It takes intelligent customer engagement to create an exceptional customer experience.

Fuel insights with high-quality data
The use of more and more cloud solutions puts an extra focus on data quality.

John Erik Ellingsen

Managing Director, Lead – SAP Business Group, UK and Ireland

Surya Mukherjee

Research Lead – Europe Technology, Accenture


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