Chances are, your organisation is already on the path to digital transformation—focussed on leveraging new technologies in order to cater to changing customer demands. In the pursuit of a digital experience, though, are you also evolving your core systems—the key transactional systems that your business depends on? If not, you may be limiting the potential of your digital transformation.

A boundaryless transformation

This is how many organizations are putting the "heart" back into their digital transformation—by ensuring that they evolve their core systems in tandem with their customer-facing systems and—in the process—eliminating boundaries. Our 2019 ERP survey of CIOs across the UK reveals a clear consensus: They refuse to let core inflexibility impede holistic digital transformation.


Organizations are already extending, or want to extend, inflexible ERPs with new intelligent technologies*


Organizations already use user interface overlays to address the lack of personalisation in their ERPs

Five ERP trends to accelerate exponential evolution

Accenture’s 2019 Trends Analysis has identified five key actions that we find crucial in future ERP evolutions. In combination or alone each has the ability significantly to transform your business models. Understanding them may help you to direct your digital transformation more effectively, and with fewer constraints.

  • Treat cloud as the gateway to modernisation
    Develop a nuanced cloud strategy that suits your business ambitions. Engineer cloud as part of a larger strategy around digital transformation, cost savings and new business models.
  • Make your core intelligent and extended
    Invest in intelligence and automation—powered by AI, machine-learning, and analytics: not as an add-on but as a core part of your ERP platform. Enable your business to extend at scale and in real-time.
  • Partner with cloud captains, not traditional services firms
    Find co-creation partners that differentiate by reimagining services delivery models, being technology agnostic, and specialising in your business.
  • Personalise
    Make user experience (UX) seamless across channels and platforms and personalise relentlessly.
  • Amplify insights by converging data
    Treat data as an asset. Free up the data in your ERP systems and converge different data sources for deeper intelligence.

*Machine Learning, AI, Automation etc.

John Erik Ellingsen

Managing Director, Lead – SAP Business Group, UK and Ireland


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