Your customers want more than a product. They want a feeling. Digital juggernauts and curated subscription companies have changed the retail landscape, offering personalized experiences driven by a defined purpose that customers feel at every interaction.

Accenture surveyed 160,000 consumers in 12 countries to understand their experiences with 57 retail brands. We found that retailers today must define their purpose—and execute against it flawlessly—to create lovable moments that capture consumers’ trust and loyalty.

Consumers spend 31% more at retailers they score higher on love.

Build unwavering affinity

Consumers fall for brands that become part of the fabric of their lives. Which retailers are leading the way in consistently creating lovable moments?

  • Digital juggernauts including Apple and Amazon
  • Niche brands such as curated subscription companies
  • Brick-and-mortar companies offering expertise and convenience across touchpoints

Gain momentum

Tomorrow’s retail standouts will excel at creating meaningful experiences that play a rational and emotional role in consumers’ lives.

Our work with companies across all retail sectors points to seven no-regret moves that can help retailers develop authentic experiences, explore areas ripe for innovation and transform their business. Download our full report to learn how to serve your purpose and create more lovable moments for your customers.

The pivot from product to purpose is the future of retail.

The desire for a personalized, immersive and seamless shopping experience is reaching new heights and retailers must be prepared to rethink what they do, to become trusted advisors for their customers and curate truly meaningful consumer experiences.

Retailers understand the scale of disruption facing their business. It is now a question of effectively utilizing digital technologies and making the right investments in innovation, to enhance the shopping experience and meet consumers on their own terms.

Andrew Carlisle

Managing Director – Accenture Digital Lead Retail, UK/Ireland


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