Today’s dynamic world continues to put increasing pressure on revenue agencies. Frequent budget reductions and resulting staffing issues have made doing more with less the new "norm." The rapid pace of technology innovation, tidal wave of customer data, expanding partner ecosystems and continuously evolving security threats all compound revenue agency pressures. Concurrently, customer expectations continue to rise, calling for service levels that are comparable to commercial brands.

Customers want more personalised services and new channels such as chatbots and virtual assistants that are powered by a variety of artificial intelligence technologies.

What does this mean for the future of customer engagement?

Accenture believes that the revenue agency of the future will:

Deliver increasingly tailored services

Through insight-driven customer segmentation models and new digital channels to meet the on-demand, channel-of-choice expectations of the customer.

Put customers at the heart when designing services

Through ownership and accountability for the customers’ end-to-end journey and embedding Human-Centered Design and Design Thinking methods.

Proactively "nudge" customers

Based on situational and contextual awareness, using advanced data analytics while remaining vigilant with privacy protection and security measures.

Nimbly explore new technologies

The AI ecosystem: natural language processing, chatbots, virtual agents, machine learning and robotic process automation.

Continuously build and enhance

New digital skills and competencies across the workforce.

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An agency interested in transforming customer engagement into a strategic asset must take two important first steps: redefine its "North Star" vision and evolve capabilities such as skills, culture and technology.

Paying taxes will never be seen as an experience on equal-footing with most other experiences in people’s lives. But, agencies can proactively transform customer engagement and experience to reduce stress, anxiety and confusion and deliver a greater sense of satisfaction than today.

David Regan

Managing Director – Revenue Industry


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