In brief

In brief

  • Hacer Evans, Assistant Chief Officer, Digital Policing Portfolio UK, shares her thoughts on the changing nature of public safety.
  • From why citizen experience matters to the rise in digital communication, Hacer shares how police forces are addressing citizen needs in new ways.
  • This interview is part of a series of public service perspectives from industry leaders across government.

Spotlight on Digital Policing Portfolio

Accenture's video shares the perspective of Hacer Evans, Assistant Chief Officer at Digital Policing Portfolio, on how police forces are transforming. See more.

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Why does citizen experience matter?

There is a need to have real transparency in the way in which we engage with the public and to be able to put the public at the heart of everything we do in terms of their experience. We need to ensure that we are able to give them the same kind of experiences that they would have with all other every day transactions and activities that they undertake rather than giving them a single channel of contacting the police, to be able to give them channels of choice that allow them to move into the digital space and also online.

How are you meeting citizen demands?

There is a lot of investment going on across government in order to create something called the single online home for policing in the United Kingdom. It will also provide the ability to be able to track on crime reporting and also consider how we want to drive social media as a contact channel. So there are multiple facets that policing has access to now, to be able to transform their organizations that will ultimately drive efficiency and productivity but also give the public a much better experience and outcome.

Hacer Evans

Assistant Chief Officer – Digital Policing Portfolio, UK


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