In brief

In brief

  • David McRedmond, Chief Executive Officer of An Post, shares his thoughts on the changing nature of the postal business.
  • From meeting customer demands to balancing automation, David highlights the areas of the postal industry that are experiencing major transformation.
  • This is part of a series of perspectives from industry leaders, addressing the most pressing challenges and exciting opportunities they see today.

How is postal changing?

The digital world has closed one door, but it is opening another which is the whole world of e-commerce. So, the key challenge for us is how quickly we can transform and make that into a change from being a mails company into being an e-commerce company.

What do customers want?

The expectation is to have something delivered when they want it, it is as simple as that and reliably and with trust and those things that postal are really good at. But we’ve got to be much more dynamic, faster moving and of course we have to be ahead on digital so there is no point us saying we will take the parcel and deliver it to you, you have to have the best possible track and trace, you have to have the best possible set of digital options that you are giving to people and have those brilliant digital conversations.

How do you balance human + machine?

The human dimension is becoming really clear, actually people want human interactions, they want to talk to people, they want to see people but that can’t be an excuse for not delivering brilliant automation or having brilliant technology solutions. You have to have those but if you can do that with a human dimension, that means you are sustainable for the long term.

David McRedmond

Chief Executive Officer – An Post


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