As an experienced Project, Program and Service Management expert in Accenture’s Health and Public Service division, Judith Revels believes that true collaboration with Clients and an open mind always delivers a stronger outcome.

With almost two decades of successfully implementing complex solutions, Revels’ trifecta of technical skills, client management and authenticity cements her reputation for delivering value and continuous improvements for our Clients.

“Many of our Clients are embracing new technology, they’re implementing Cloud and low code platforms,” said Revels. “I’m helping a U.K. Client to successfully re-write their story. Their journey started with a move to Cloud for HR, Finance, Project and Procurement and then a piece by piece update of legacy applications to low code platforms with DevOps at the heart to ensure continual delivery of Live service. They’re now on a digital journey which they trust Accenture to deliver.”

As a passionate advocate for embracing advanced technology, Revels rightly predicted that respecting and embracing these technologies would be crucial for a business to drive decision making. Working with Accenture’s Technology Centre – based primarily in India – she plays an active and guiding role in improving the professional development of employees responsible for delivering IT solutions.

Revels has worked in many Public Service areas but finds Health to be the most inspiring. “Health is our wealth, and nothing beats making such a direct difference to the lives of our families and friends”. This is clearly reflected in her team’s ability to improve deployment from a 12 months process into a 4 to 6 week process when they implemented a system to join up Primary care across the UK. Starting with a small team, Revels established an approach of replicating and perfecting processes which turned into a repeatable, predictable mass industrialised approach, with each team members feeling valued for the critical part they played in this success.

A forward thinking and experienced leader, Revels understands the value of not only developing strong relationships with Clients but providing clarity of purpose and full-service management, where Clients needs are anticipated and addressed at every step. “Taking time to understand our Clients expectations creates an environment of collaboration, trust and innovation. Helping them shape the outcomes they wish to achieve helps us work together to apply all our strengths. Our best work happens when we forget Supplier / Client hats and sit down together and talk solutions.”

True collaboration and an open mind are at the heart of Judith’s personal life also. In addition to busy commitments of bringing up her young son, Revels is an enthusiastic singer, School Governor and is always looking for the next travel adventure.

Helping clients shape the outcomes they wish to achieve helps us work together to apply all our strengths.

Judith Revels



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