Digital healthcare collaboration

Digital collaboration enables better-integrated multidisciplinary care, improves the patient journey and unlocks cost efficiencies.

Multidisciplinary care

It’s not easy, managing a healthcare revolution characterised by a myriad of sensors, wearable devices and new health analytics applications. It is clear that multi-disciplinary care makes a big difference to the treatment of acute, elderly or multichronic patients. Digital collaboration allows clinical teams to change the way they work. It enables better-integrated multidisciplinary care, improves the patient journey and unlocks cost efficiencies.

Enhancing our future healthcare systems

The NHS is on the brink of exciting change. Digital collaboration will become the new normal – and Accenture is ready to help.

The only way to meet the demand of an ageing population with multiple chronic conditions, is with a transformed healthcare system that leverages cutting edge collaborative tools. This is exactly what clinicians are asking for.

Shared digital care platforms allow seamless collaboration and a range of micro services that enable personalised patient and clinician experiences. Collaboration tools allow greater automation of repetitive but still vital tasks, freeing up clinicians’ time.

"The NHSmail Service underpins communication between doctors, nurses and allied health professionals up and down the country every day."

— NEIL BENNETT, Service Director – Live Services, NHS Digital

NHSmail – the silent digital revolution

Secure collaboration tools are now available to everyone working for the NHS. The transformed NHSmail solution was safely and robustly delivered by Accenture, realising digital healthcare collaboration and secure information transfer between organisations across England and Scotland. Read the NHS case study for more information.

NHSmail by the numbers


current number of NHSmail accounts


organisations across the country that use NHSmail


NHSmail user service requests supported


NHSmail users migrated in one day

NHSmail: World’s largest cloud email migration

In the midst of COVID-19, National Health Service (NHS) support became even more crucial. Working with Accenture, the organisation equipped its providers with the best digital messaging and email tools. 2.1 million NHS employee mailboxes were migrated as part of a massive transformational journey to reinvent how healthcare is delivered.

NHSmail: World’s largest email migration to the cloud

"NHSmail is not just mail, it’s far more than that; it’s better patient care."

— MOHAMMED HUSSAIN, Senior Clinical Lead – NHS Digital

Preparing UK health for future collaboration

It’s time to look at the future and start building the platform to help propel health and care towards stellar collaboration.

Chris Gibbons

Technology Consulting Manager – Accenture UKI H&PS

Driving consumer-centric care in England

Meet Dr Sam Shah, NHS England's Director of Digital Development who supports programmes that help empower citizens to use digital tools and services within the NHS. He also works with suppliers and other partners to help the NHS solve problems and work on building connectivity, making the NHS more consumer-centric. In partnership with healthcare providers, he and his team are enabling the digitisation of urgent and emergency care. He along with his team support the implementation of the strategy.

Learn more about Sam Shah.

Patients want to co-pilot healthcare

Patients in the United Kingdom want a seat in their healthcare plane’s cockpit, and at the flight control centre.

Chris Gibbons

Technology Consulting Manager – Accenture UKI H&PS

Multi-disciplinary healthcare collaboration

Efficient, effective collaboration between healthcare professionals is necessary for quality care and patient safety.

Corinne F. Baxter

Senior Manager - Accenture UKI Health & Public Service

"Skype for Business has saved me at least ten hours and over 500 miles of travel in the month of May"

— TIM CATE, Acting Director of Operations for North Yorkshire Senior Clinical Lead – NHS Digital

Meet our lead

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