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New leaders needed now

September 2, 2020


In brief

Talent in the digital age

Industry Trends

1. Digitizing business

Even in the middle of a pandemic, businesses are still moving to replace and integrate their HCM and/or IT systems across a lean, digital enterprise. Executives are especially keen to take advantage of new technological initiatives such as DevSecOps, RPA and Move-to-Cloud.

2. Digital skills

Companies will need to invest in training both new and existing staff, and also create space for new roles that will enable the use of AI, including trainers, explainers and sustainers.

3. The generational divide

More than a quarter of the Aerospace and Defense workforce in the United States is over the age of 55, and the connection between senior teams and new talent appears to be broken. To fix it, senior leadership should focus on creating a new culture of transparency, collaboration and knowledge sharing that embraces all generations.

Digital leaders vs laggards

Unlocking trapped value

Where to begin?

John Schmidt

Senior Managing Director – Aerospace & Defense, Global

John is Accenture’s Aerospace and Defense Global Industry lead.

Jessica Kane


Jessica is Accenture's Aerospace and Defense Global Workforce and Human Potential Lead.

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