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Transforming supply chain to win in the Retail and CPG digital world

Accenture is helping companies to transform their supply chains to help them to compete in today’s digital world.


The supply chain is the new battleground for winning customers; Accenture is helping companies to transform their supply chains to help them to compete in today’s digital world.

Today’s consumer expects to be able to shop a multitude of channels, and get fast, cheap and convenient delivery, either to their homes, a store, or a pick up point. This means that retailers and consumer goods companies are having to completely rethink their supply chains, which have not been designed to handle these challenges. With constant market pressure being put on speed, cost, and reliability of delivery, the supply chain has become the new battleground in the digital world. Transforming the supply chain to drive profitable sales has become a burning platform, critical to future success.

Accenture Consulting strengthened its supply chain capability to help its clients address these changes by acquiring Total Logistics, a leading logistics and supply chain consultancy. Bringing strong industry experience and capabilities in network and transport optimization and warehouse design and implementation, the acquisition reinforced Accenture’s ability to deliver digital transformations to meet challenging customer demands. In this way Accenture has become a holistic provider of omni-channel transformations, with the strength and capabilities to provide a truly end-to-end service.


The acquisition of Total Logistics strengthened Accenture’s supply chain capability:

A strong, enduring track record. Having successfully delivered multiple projects in over 40 countries, the team has a proven record of working with leading retailers and consumer goods companies to deliver tangible results.

A highly experienced team. One noted for its consistently high quality work, providing reassuring continuity to clients.  

Practical & Proven. Proven methodologies that reliably reduce supply chain costs and allow for more profitable fulfilment options. Capabilities range from defining physical network strategies to designing new warehouse and distribution facilities. Other areas of expertize include transport optimization and the development of automated distribution centres.

A unique combination of operational experience and analytical capabilities. Advanced analytical and modelling techniques enable us to develop highly effective models. The team’s skills and extensive range of project experience transform these theoretical analytics into concrete solutions that clients can effectively implement to capture lasting value.

Insight, a suite of internally developed class-leading modelling tools, allows clients to quantify the impact and benefits that result from supply chain enhancements with accuracy and confidence.

Strong but impartial relationships with the major suppliers of logistics services, warehouse equipment and logistics IT systems enable the team to help clients to find the right partners every time.

Focus Areas

Total Logistics has served clients across a wide range of sectors, and has especially deep experience in fashion, grocery, retail and consumer goods.

Primary areas of work include:

  • Distribution network design. Helping companies to develop the most effective and efficient ways to flow their products through to their customers via a range of channels.   The team design logistics infrastructure networks that are flexible and agile to meet companies’ developing requirements in a digital environment.

  • Distribution center design. Creating everything from manual operations to highly automated solutions; warehouse designs that help businesses deliver growth and offer service enhancements to customers, always with an eye toward controlling costs. Automated distribution centers ensure better product movement and the availability to meet more demanding ("anytime, anywhere") customer needs. In fact, the Total Logistics team have developed of some of the most advanced automated warehouses in Europe.

  • Improving supply chain efficiency. Delivering performance improvements and savings across a range of areas including inventory, warehousing and transport, the team has a strong track record when it comes to helping under-performing warehouses achieve rapid improvements.

Delivering Successful Outcomes

Consultants are skilled at gaining a rapid understanding of client businesses and challenges, enabling them to develop practical solutions that companies can scale and adjust to meet changing requirements. They model options to determine the cost and impact of proposed changes to avoid surprises during implementation.

Working closely with clients as an extension of their teams, using workshops to share ideas and make decisions together, thus ensuring buy-in and ownership. This approach leads to an organization-wide acceptance of practical solutions that stand the test of time. It often develops lasting partnerships with clients through project work, providing a deep understanding of their businesses and driving rapid speed to value on subsequent assignments.

By combining Accenture Consulting’s capabilities in transforming the digital customer experience and Total Logistics’ capability in omni-channel supply chain design, we can help clients offer a compelling customer experience in a cost-effective and profitable way.