Police chief insights into the role of technology in policing

Perspectives from police leaders supports citizen demand for digital channels.


Each year, thousands of global law enforcement executives come together at the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) annual conference to share insights, learn about leading practices, and discuss the latest technologies.

Watch the video below to hear about the challenges police leaders around the globe are facing and how they are deploying technologies such as analytics, mobility and social media to streamline processes and manage information.


Next-generation policing and the role of technology were key themes at the 2012 IACP conference. Police forces across the world are seeking ways to be more efficient in this era of austerity where they are faced with an ongoing demand to do more with less. Technology is a vital tool in helping police forces to prevent and fight crime more efficiently and effectively and better serve citizens.


The vital role that technology plays in policing was further highlighted in a recent Accenture citizen pulse survey on policing. We asked the question “Are police forces maximizing technology to fight crime and engage citizens?”

The online citizen survey was conducted among nearly 1,300 respondents across six countries, with 200 respondents each from Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, the United States and the United Kingdom.

The survey found that citizens strongly believed that digital channels, particularly social media, can bridge the communications gap and increase citizen involvement in local policing efforts. Three quarters of all respondents said they would like to see police forces using more digital channels to communicate with citizens, yet only 20 percent of respondents said their police forces are currently using digital channels to communicate.


Accenture believe digital channels offer a number of benefits for police forces, including:

  • Lower cost

  • Efficiency

  • Speed to citizen

  • Instill confidence

  • Modern medium

  • Making connections.

And by adopting new digital technologies, police can create new communication channels to engage citizens and gather leads to support their investigations. Accenture policing experts suggest a focus on four primary areas:

  • Improve information/data management.

  • Analytics

  • Mobile tools

  • Citizen portals

Find out more about adopting a strategy for your police force that understands the latest possibilities in terms of technology and how to integrate them into an overall solution.