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GSMA Connected Women: Women Leadership Accelerating the Digital Age

Striking a balance at Mobile World Congress 2016 with Nokia, Telenor, The Internet Society and Accenture.


Gender diversity presents a key challenge and a significant opportunity for the future of the communications industry.

The GSMA Connected Women program explores how to promote great inclusion of women as employees and leaders in the industry. It looks at how to attract, recruit, retain and promote qualified women to this sector. The program focuses on supporting women and girls to develop skills in STEM, pursue careers in technology and gain leadership roles.

At Mobile World Congress 2016, Gary Heffernan, Senior Managing Director at Accenture and Kathrin Buvac, Chief Strategy Officer at Nokia, were delighted to take the Connected Women stage with other speakers from across the mobile ecosystem. The debate explored practical opportunities for action with women and men in the mobile and tech industry who are taking on these challenges.

Our industry doesn’t need to just change, it needs to transform.

Gary Heffernan

Senior Managing Director
Communications Industry at Accenture