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Accenture Oracle Leadership Council: How enterprise data can drive growth 

How can organizations get analytics and ERP systems right? Oracle’s Aaron Lazenby and Accenture’s Brad Genson talk shop about analytics.

At the 2013 Accenture Oracle Leadership Council, Aaron Lazenby, editor of Oracle Publishing’s award-winning Profit magazine, spent time talking with Brad Genson, Accenture’s managing director of Oracle Business Intelligence and Analytics.

Key takeaways from their discussion included:

  • Don’t buy new technology to run the same old reports—Executives looking at analytics should take the opportunity to completely re-imagine the art of the possible—how a fresh look at enterprise data can drive their business forward.

  • Ask the right questions—Getting valuable insight from a new analytics system is about much more than just turning on the software. Sponsors of any analytics project must have a vision of how to evolve their organizations—and ask the questions that will help create real business value.

  • Add value to current systems—The data in existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems is a potential gold mine for insights about operations. C-suite executives need to query data stores about established business processes, which have the potential to drive significant improvement in operating margins.