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NHS Health and
Care Innovation Expo 2017

NHS Health and Care Innovation Expo 2017

Location of Event: Manchester Central, UK

11 and 12 September 2017

Accenture Stand: 199

Accenture is delighted once again to be a Gold sponsor at NHS Expo 2017. Taking place on 11th and 12th September at Manchester Central, the event will welcome over 5000 healthcare professionals from both the UK and abroad discussing how to work towards delivering the Five Years Forward View across health and social care services.

Accenture’s 2017 programme will contain the latest industry research and as well as bring to life exciting client stories. We’ll showcase the work that we do to assist clients to deliver efficient, affordable and effective healthcare services.






To further improve your NHS Expo 2017 experience, Accenture will be providing a range of presentations and demos covering the latest industry trends and developments in digital health at our stand 199. Please stop by to engage in these interactive sessions and to meet the team.

Health Tech Vision 2017: Technology for People, Technology for Patients

Instead of people adapting to technology, people are shaping technology to adapt to us. Technology for People shows the exciting future where healthcare technology is designed by humans, for humans. Join us in talking about the five health tech trends and how they are changing our expectations of healthcare and the NHS.

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Healthcare and Social Care Integration – Completing the Circle

With healthcare costs on the rise, organisations are looking for ways to not only lower the cost of healthcare, but also improve care outcomes by integrating care delivered in the social settings. Join us as our panel discusses current trends in integrating healthcare and social care and a discussion about how technology is being designed to help create a new delivery model.

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Improving Patient Care through Standardised Data and Processes: What STPs and Acutes can learn from Scan4Safety at Derby Teaching Hospitals

The Scan4Safety programme aims to deliver safer care by adopting standards that allow patients, staff, products and places to be tracked and associated at point of care throughout the patient journey. How can organisations incorporate this in their STP plans to ensure tangible results? In this session, Accenture and Derby Teaching Hospitals will share best practices, lessons learnt and rewards gained from adoption of Scan4Safety.

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