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Go Beyond
The Norm
New Normal Marketing
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Liquid Consumer Expectations

Are Challenging Traditional Marketing Approaches

Consumer goods marketing is undergoing the biggest transformation in its history.

Brands currently risk irrelevance because consumers have:

Too Much Choice Too Much Content Not Enough Time

What Is The
"New Normal"?

Increasingly, brands in this sector must be 'always-on' and able to deliver compelling content, services and experiences to demanding consumers.

You can find out more about the forces driving the 'new normal' for marketing and obtain insights on evolving your organisation's marketing function through our New Normal Marketing Maturity Assessment Tool.

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Make The Move Now, Or Risk Being Left Behind

The New Normal Marketing Framework

Moving Forward, The Marketing Department Should Become Unrecognisable From What It Is Today

The 'new normal' requires orchestration and collaboration across many dynamic components.

To help businesses evolve their marketing function, Accenture has developed the New Normal Marketing Maturity Assessment Tool, which explains how organisations can build engaging brand experiences and achieve a sustainable transformation.

The framework focuses on Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies and consists of capablities that tie into different areas.

Content Strategy
Providing relevant and engaging content to the consumer. How are you delivering the promised experience through compelling content across the appropriate channels?
Experience Design
The experience is designed around the Consumer Genome. How experience-led is your approach to consumer engagement?
Consumer Journey
Each stage of your consumer’s journey will impact the path to purchase. How personalised is the end-to-end experience you provide to your consumers?
Consumer Genome
The consumer is at the heart of everything. Do you know your consumers and what they are worth?
Media Strategy
Integrating internal and external data to deliver tailored experiences to different types of consumers. How are you optimising your audience reach based on "effective" media spend?
New Business Models
The path to purchase is non-linear. How are you using new business models and channels to win the hearts of consumers?
Channel Strategy
Choosing appropriate sales channels and commerce models. How are you partnering for co-creation and driving innovation around your consumer's brand experience?
Data & Analytics
Real-time monitoring and predicting brand performance and ROI. How and to what degree are you leveraging data to drive insight and action?

How do you score in the "New Normal"?

Our New Normal Marketing Maturity Assessment will help you identify your organisation's marketing strengths to prioritise focus areas within the different dimensions related to people, process and products.

Are You ready For The New Normal?

Assess Your
Business Now

Why "New Normal" Works

A Team Of Marketing Experts And Industry Leads

The New Normal Marketing Framework and Maturity Assessment have been developed by a team of experts cross Accenture Interactive, Analytics and Products.

The team have a wealth of experience designing and delivering marketing transformation and operation programmes; having brought best-practice and learnings from clients coupled with industry expertise to devleop the New Normal Framework.

Sohel Aziz Thumbnail
Managing Director Accenture Interactive
Frisco Chau Thumbnail
Senior Manager Accenture Interactive
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Dalla Costa
Managing Director Accenture Consulting
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