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Digital's promise for forest products industry

Intelligent digital technologies could lead to value creation and competitive advantage in the forest products industry.


The forest products industry could benefit greatly from shifting their strategies toward digital. As a whole, the industry faces a variety of challenges within the value chain—ranging from equipment reliability to lack of analytics in commercial operations, among others. By introducing digital technologies, some challenges may be eliminated. Four areas to focus include:

  • Optimize plantation and forestry operations to continuously increase yield and productivity and to meet quality demands.

  • Ease supply constraints to downstream processing activities and reduce working capital tied to the supply chain.

  • Enable technology transfer and skills development across the global organization.

  • Heighten customer experience and engagement to improve customer retention while controlling total cost-to-serve.



As MHI adds new hotels to its portfolio, it can quickly and efficiently integrate the properties into digital channels and marketing campaigns. Its new loyalty program and marketing personalization are driving more direct bookings from a loyal, active customer base. The enhanced digital channel performance is increasing qualified traffic on direct channels and conversion rates. Together, Accenture and MHI are creating a “digital culture” throughout the company that is expected to help drive direct sales through digital channels and maintain and enhance market leadership and growth.