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Engage Digital

Shaping a more open, connected and inclusive world

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Oliver Benzecry

Oliver Benzecry

Chairman and Managing Director of Accenture's UK and Ireland business

The digital revolution is here and offers new opportunities for the UK. We start from a position of strength, and we generally have strong foundational policies and regulations, which allow the opportunity to be realised while providing the needed protections for society.

However, we live in a fast moving world. We need to ensure that we move at digital speed to continue to be well positioned, and with Brexit on the horizon, now more than ever is a time to contemplate what else we can do to harness the digital opportunity for the economy and society.

Take Artificial Intelligence as an example, which is forecast to improve productivity and lower costs, extend our human capability, and allow people to achieve more. Nevertheless, as with any disruptive technology, concerns arise. It is essential that we are proactive in addressing these concerns—government, business and broader society working together to invent a "Responsible AI" philosophy, which in turn will improve how we live and work as a society.

Our Engage Digital initiative, presented here, identifies key levers that would help the UK make the most of the opportunity. Each of these is underpinned by a supporting policy paper. I encourage you to take a look, join in the conversation, and engage on the questions and issues that will help the UK harness the digital revolution.

The Right Environment

Laws and regulators can and should be enablers of the digital economy. Clarity and predictability combined with speed and flexibility are essential.

The Right Infrastructure

The digital economy needs the right infrastructure to reach its full potential. This includes physical infrastructure, as well as regulatory, economic and skills.

Creating Incentives

Signals matter. Offering incentives to start ups, established players and investors declares that digital growth is a big priority.

The Right Talent

The strongest digital economy has the best talent.

With special thanks to Baker McKenzie.

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