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Learn about working with Accenture to deliver the Department for Work and Pensions Work Programme

Accenture wants to connect with potential partners and suppliers to help us with the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) Work Programme. 


Accenture is conducting our own procurement process for subcontractors and are keen to connect with potential partners and suppliers to help us with the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) Work Programme.

Accenture has worked with DWP since the 1980s on multiple programmes and have supported DWP through some of the public sector’s most challenging operational and cultural transformations. More recently, Accenture and DWP worked together to introduce the Employment Support Allowance against a fixed legislative deadline. Designed to support one million sick or disabled people back into work, ESA represents one of the most successful introductions of a new benefit to date in the United Kingdom.

The DWP Work Programme is an exciting new opportunity for Accenture to move into an area of the market where we have not traditionally operated but which compliments and expands upon our corporate social responsibility agenda and our commitment as part of our ‘Skills to Succeed’ programme of getting 250,000 people back into employment globally.

We see the DWP Work Programme as an opportunity to combine our DWP experience with our other key strengths: supply chain, IT and programme management excellence with specialist companies that operate successfully in this market to deliver an improved and innovative service to DWP and the Work Programme customers.

Accenture Procurement Process

We are conducting our procurement process in parallel with the DWP timeline and want to connect with potential partners and suppliers in the three regions: London, the South East and the North West. The primary purpose of the EOI is to understand the capabilities that exist within this market and determine whether suppliers would be interested in working with Accenture.

Once we know if we have secured a place as a prime on the Work Programme Framework we will move into a more formal procurement process and will be in contact with those suppliers we wish to partner with to respond to the Work Programme Call Off Contracts and ultimately deliver operational services.

Please e-mail the following address for a copy of our Expression of Interest: