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Accenture Digital Supply Network Survey 2015

Traditional supply chains need to become dynamic supply networks.


Accenture's survey of more than 30 leading aerospace and defense companies found that lack of transparency and weak collaboration with suppliers are giving rise to delayed deliveries and in-service problems. As dependencies on third parties for manufacturing continue to rise, along with pressure to deliver on time and at scale, achieving broader and deeper visibility across the entire supply network has never been more critical. The solution? Harnessing the power of digital technologies.

Key Findings

Complex processes, legacy operating models, data security, and certification all stand between the aerospace and defense industry and its digital coming of age. Nevertheless, the direction of future travel is set. Aerospace and defense companies are becoming digital extended enterprises. In our view, achieving a smooth transformation to this future state requires three fundamental steps in order to accelerate the shift towards the all-digital supply network.

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