Delivering smart and secure borders in Europe—Video

Stefano Manservisi, Director-General, Home Affairs, European Commission


Established as the leading forum of its kind in Brussels, the third annual Collaborative Border Management conference, brought together border and customs communities alongside EU and international policy makers and stakeholders, to discuss opportunities for collaboration across agencies and institutions involved in customs and border management.

Hear from Stefano Manservisi, Director-General, Home Affairs, European Commission, about the European Commission’s vision on the future of border management in Europe and how collaborative border management can support the delivery of smart and secure borders, particularly in the current economic climate.


With the European Commission due to come forward with legislative proposals on Smart Borders in the first half of 2012 to develop an EU Entry-Exit System and Registered Traveller Programme, the conference examined how the use of innovative technology can support collaboration between agencies, particularly by simplifying the sharing of information, allowing agencies to focus scarce resources on higher risk individuals and cargo and trusted travellers and traders to avail of facilitated and more streamlined border clearance facilities.


The conference set out the vision of key policymakers in the area of border and custom management in Europe and examined how collaborative border management, in terms of both information sharing and practical cooperation between regulatory authorities, border management and customs agencies, the trading community and transport and supply chain partners, can support the achievement of those objectives.


The decision to implement Collaborative Border Management is effectively a decision to reform and modernize border management operations at your agency and to develop a high-performance business approach.

Find out how Customs and Border agencies can achieve the security and safety needed whilst continuing to facilitate trade and travel.