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Data-driven and analytics-powered

A new wave of advanced analytics is helping today's supply chain operations leaders make better decisions that impact top and bottom-line growth.


Highly Connected. Intelligent. Automated.

That’s the future order for supply chain operations. Today’s increasingly complex global operations and new digital technologies are giving rise to a sea of data and the evolution of a smarter, more efficient networked supply model. The modern digital supply network model will be powered by advanced analytics, which will be embedded throughout its entire operation—and without analytics, virtually inoperable.


Digital and Data-Driven

The Model of the Very Near Future

To enable more effective operational decision making, supply chain managers need to make sense of all the data generated. Analytics, the science of translating data into meaningful and actionable insights, will power the data-driven digital supply network of the future.

Digital Supply Network of the Future

Analytics transformational impacts

More data. More opportunity. More complexity.

Despite increasing supply chain complexities, the data explosion presents many exciting business opportunities to gain deeper insights into market trends and digital consumer behaviors.

As the analytics market evolves, transformational impacts on supply chains are occurring across five key dimensions:

Big data does not equate to good data, and technologies now exist to efficiently capture, integrate, store and leverage supply chain data to gain relevant insights for competitive advantage.

Analytics is getting embedded into chain operational DNA at critical decision points and will produce strategic insights for driving talent, organizational and cultural transformation.
Powerful software and self-service tools are enabling real-time data visualization and a more immersive and interactive user experience for insights consumption, facilitating rapid identification of operational bottlenecks and risks and more robust root cause analysis.
Advances in machine learning, cognitive computing, Internet of Things (IoT) and robotics are impacting all supply chain functions, automating decisions and driving a host of operational improvements—from asset utilization to customer intimacy to service and enterprise agility.
Supply chain analytics is playing a key role in overall supply chain security as a more open and connected ecosystem of players creates a dynamic, quickly shifting environment with new risks to manage.

Powerful New Capabilities

Supply chain analytics offers the capability to enable increased automation efficiencies and business intelligence for facilitating more proactive, effective decision making. Businesses can in turn leverage greater economies of scale while more effectively serving the unique and localized market needs of customers.

Analytics insights can help positively impact top and bottom-line business growth specifically through improvements across the whole supply chain:

Make better informed, more cost-effective design decisions with time/cost analytics and simulation.
Prevent overstocking and understocking, achieve higher sales and increase customer satisfaction using demand sensing and forecasting techniques.
Optimize procurement and reduce costs using sourcing analytics for commodity pricing, risk management, spend, supplier performance management and total cost of ownership.
Optimize manufacturing, improve product quality and prevent breakdowns with predictive analytics.
Streamline network flows, reduce costs to serve and improve flexibility.
Improve customer service and loyalty with IoT and predictive analytics, detection of quality issues via warranty claims analysis, and service network and resource optimization.
To effectively compete and stay ahead in the future, supply chain managers need to adopt a modern digital supply network model enabled with analytics. An inescapable reality, the future of your organization’s supply chain operations will depend on analytics.

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