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Beyond Brexit: Navigating the change

Regardless of the current rash of political and economic uncertainty, there is a clear benefit to be had from concentrating on the fundamentals—a focus on customers, digital transformation, being more sustainable, improvements in productivity and so on. This "keep calm" approach will mitigate the risks of the current turbulence. Some adjustments may be required, but the basic message is to stick with the strategy and stay the course; you can read the full point of view here.

What does it mean for your business?

We have created an interactive "impact assessment" tool highlighting the potential implications of Brexit across corporate Britain. We have identified 12 potential "pain points" for companies, and mapped them to key industry sectors, to enable you to see a summary of things you should be considering and the relative impact of those.

Use the interactive tool below to discover actionable insights that will help your organisation ensure positive change as the UK navigates the post-Brexit landscape. Every button on the tool is clickable, including the "high" to "low" impact buttons, so you can look at whole industries, sub sectors of industries or across the whole of one "pain point." Beyond that there are the contact names of our experts in those areas for you to talk to directly.

* Content updated June 2017 following the General Election result

Financial Services




Health + Public Sector

Very High

            CONTACT US

            Strategy Lead

            Nick Taylor
            Accenture Strategy UKI Lead, Managing Director

            Brexit Strategy Lead

            Kevin Doran
            Brexit Strategy UKI Lead, Managing Director

            Media Enquiries

            Meryl Hanlon
            Media & Analyst Relations

            Industry Specialists

            Tom Merry   Banking and Capital Markets
            Banking Business Strategy, Managing Director

            Stuart Abraham   Insurance
            Insurance Technology Strategy, Managing Director

            Till Dudler   Consumer Goods & Services
            CG&S Business Strategy, Managing Director

            Ekta Malhotra   Media & Entertainment
            M&E Management Consulting, Senior Manager

            Pervaise Khan   Life Sciences
            Life Sciences Business Strategy, Managing Director

            Sinead Ni Mhuircheartaigh   Energy Upstream
            Energy Upstream Business Strategy, Managing Director

            Rich Kho   Energy Downstream
            Energy Downstream Business Strategy, Managing Director

            Robert Riley   Utilities (Electric & Gas, Water)
            Utilities Business Strategy, Managing Director

            Mark Gaylard   Communications
            Advanced Customer Strategy, Senior Manager

            Jonathan Hunter   Retail
            Retail Business Strategy, Managing Director

            Thanos Malevitis   Telecom
            CMT Technology Strategy, Managing Director

            David Champeaux   Health
            H&PS Business Strategy, Managing Director

            Christopher Lane   Public Sector
            H&PS Consulting, Senior Manager