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Bring the back office to the forefront of government innovation


Back to the mission

Budgetary constraints and other external factors have forced government back-office functions to focus limited resources on transactional and compliance obligations. In most back offices, workload has looked too much like this:


HR finance & procurement

The real mission of government back-office functions isn’t processing transactions or addressing compliance. It’s:


Finding, nurturing and retaining top-tier talent


Creating and improving innovative funding mechanisms while enhancing compliance and transparency


Seeking out, developing and managing relationships to continuously improve service delivery

How can back-office functions shift focus and innovate to shape better results?

Go with what’s proven

There are proven transformational strategies to help offload processing work—and renew focus on the true mission.

Transformation through innovation

Innovation in Action

US Department of Health and Human Services—Natural Language Processing

How can natural language processing help automate sorting and review of public comments—a highly labour-intensive process?

A pilot program explored two automated methods for sorting comments:

  1. User trains the software “brain” with related sample documents
  2. Auto-categorization functions create the categories without user input

The pilot identified the first method as the most effective—and demonstrated potential to

Top 5 technology trends 2017. Technology for people: the era of the intelligent enterprise.

Investing for Transformation

Key Account Manager
Skatteetaten, Norway

It’s much more motivating and interesting for our employees to work in new and efficient ways instead of doing everything paper-based.

On the whole, our employees embrace these new ideas and concepts. They see that the outside world is changing, supplying more and better digital services, and expect that we also move in that direction.

Our empIoyees are dedicated to their work, but that doesn’t mean they want to do the same things over and over again for 20 years. They need and want to develop.

LEARN MORE: Harnessing Revolution

The very concept of work is being redefined as different generations enter and exit the workforce amidst a rapidly changing technological landscape.

Leaders need to ensure that their people are relevant and adaptable.

Start today

Bring the back office to the forefront and accelerate performance—with Accenture Government Business Transformation Toolkit.

A proven process that helps you to:

Develop organisational consensus on the focus and direction of your specific transformation journey

Identify opportunities to use the latest digital innovations—informed by leading practices

Become a Centre of Innovation

Achieving Back Office Excellence

Learn more about the Accenture Government Business Transformation Toolkit

Emerging technologies to transform government back office


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