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Patient engagement survey England: More access and more control for chronically-ill patients

An opportunity to empower chronically-ill patients to take control of their health management


Accenture's survey assesses the public’s attitudes towards their medical providers’ electronic capabilities, including the perspective of chronically-ill patients regarding access of their own medical records.

On behalf of Accenture, Harris Interactive conducted an online survey of 9015 adults (18 years of age and above) across nine countries: Australia, Brazil, Canada, England, France, Germany, Singapore, Spain and the United States. The survey assessed the general public’s attitudes towards their medical providers’ electronic capabilities, as well as the capabilities of their current providers. Where relevant, the survey uses select findings from the Accenture Doctors Survey to compare the doctor and consumer responses. The research was conducted 25–31 July 2013.

Explore the full findings from the England Research Recap: Accenture Consumer Survey on Patient Engagement.


When disease management is an everyday reality, access to medical records can be the key to successful involvement in one’s own healthcare. Chronic patients surveyed by Accenture in England indicate they want more access to their own records, and a far more active role in the ongoing management, diagnosis and treatment of their conditions. Currently, such chronic patients have far less access to their own records than they would like.

Enthusiasm for greater access and control presents an opportunity for the NHS to transform how patients with chronic illness deal with their conditions by incentivising a proactive approach among these patients – both in terms of prevention and treatment of acute episodes or ongoing disease management. As a result, healthier patients needing less intervention could contribute in the improvement of the long-term sustainability of the NHS.