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Accenture public safety solutions podcast: Social media—Podcast

Is social media yet another task for police, or can it help them solve and prevent crime?

Citizen expectations of police are changing.

In this podcast Jody Weis, Senior Police Innovation Executive with Accenture speaks about how law enforcement agencies can engage the public by using social media. He noted, “Social media has the power to not only speed up information transmission, but also to organize and mobilize groups quickly.” Many of us remember how the Boston Police Department kept the public and news media informed about the status of the investigation and manhunt for the Boston bombing suspects.

Law enforcement is using social media in Spain, too. Weis said, “In January 2012, the National Spanish Police received 2,500 messages related to drug trafficking, which eventually led to the arrest of 10 people.”

In our new Police Technology Series, learn more about how agencies are using applications such as Facebook, Twitter and other mobile apps to embrace the community, and how the community is ready for police to be using social media.

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