Accenture @ GovTech
Summit, Paris 2018

GovTech Summit:
Paris 2018 Hôtel de Ville Paris

Accenture is a gold sponsor of the first ever European GovTech Summit in Paris on November 12, 2018. CEO Pierre Nanterme will be taking stage alongside deputy Cedric Villani, MP, National consultation on Artificial Intelligence, France, in a round table discussion on "Artificial Intelligence in Government".

Hosted by PUBLIC and supported by President Emmanuel Macron, Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo and the European Commission, the GovTech Summit gathers leaders, ministers and innovators from across Europe to explore how new technologies can improve public services and democratic practices. PUBLIC helps technology companies transform public services, providing capital, networks, insight and support.

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"Better adoption of new technologies in the public sector will require a bold new agenda for investing in innovation broadly—and GovTech specifically"


A new wave of technology is changing the way our countries—and local and federal governments as well as arms-length agencies—collect taxes, deliver services, distribute welfare, maintain security and much more. In time, and perhaps a surprisingly short time, the whole way the state engages with its citizens will be different. Driving this change is the rise of GovTech, new technologies applied to public services and specifically designed for government purposes.

Dealing with government, however, can be far from easy. As consumer goods and services become smarter, more efficient and more tailored to the individual, citizens will begin to expect the same standards from their governments.

PUBLIC and Accenture outline the concrete actions that can be taken to overcome barriers to adoption of new technologies in the public sector. If government leaders and technology solution providers operate according to several key principles, they can deliver faster, better, and cheaper public services for everyone.