Alumni UK: Stay connected with the Accenture Alumni Network

Former employees of Accenture are always considered a member of the family, even after they have moved on to other career opportunities.

Accenture values our alumni as great resources of knowledge, opportunity and friendship. Our alumni—which includes our retirees—are the people who helped build this company to the market leader that it is today.

We encourage all Accenture alumni to stay connected with Accenture and other alumni by becoming a member of the Accenture Alumni Network. You are the people who have an ambition to succeed and take on interesting work, so it is always a pleasure to find out what you are doing—and to keep you up to date with what we’re doing at Accenture.

We value the time you take to maintain a connection and interest in our organisation through the alumni network.

The foundation of the alumni program is built on the right technology that is compelling enough to keep drawing alumni back again and again. The Accenture Alumni Network website is a secure, global, member-only website where alumni can:

  • Connect with the largest pool of Accenture alums not just from the United Kingdom but from many other countries through the alumni directory.

  • Receive Accenture’s UK quarterly alumni newsletter.

  • Search jobs, post your own job vacancies and refer candidates through the Alumni Referral Program.

  • Get announcements and invites for upcoming UK events and even post your own events you would like to advertise in your area.

  • And much more...

Visit the Accenture Alumni Network today and spread the word to other Accenture alums. We hope you find the resources provided on the website useful and look forward to welcoming you to future events.