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Richard Lumb

Group Chief Executive – Financial Services


Richard Lumb is group chief executive of Accenture’s Financial Services operating group, which serves clients in the banking, capital markets and insurance industries. He is responsible for all services to clients in these industries and for the growth, strategy and financial performance of the group.

Mr. Lumb also oversees the growth and strategy of Accenture Consulting, whose more-than 40,000 consultants serve clients across 40 industries. He represents Accenture Consulting and the firm’s five operating groups on Accenture's Global Operating Committee and he is a member of the company’s Global Management Committee.

In his 32 years with Accenture, Mr. Lumb has helped to transform some of the world’s leading financial institutions with innovative strategies, business models and change programs, and he has held a number of leadership roles in Accenture.

Mr. Lumb’s vision is to be at the heart of changes taking place in financial services, supporting financial institutions with new strategic and digital transformation, making a difference to their results and delivering value for the industry. He is a proponent of closer collaboration between traditional players and emerging Fintech companies, and he oversees Accenture’s FinTech Innovation Lab in New York, London and Hong Kong.

He has written for and commented in leading publications, including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Financial Times, Harvard Business Review, Fortune, Forbes, BusinessWeek, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Le Monde, Nikkei, South China Morning Post and others.

He is the recent coauthor of “Editing the Uneditable Blockchain: Why Distributed Ledger Technology Must Adapt to an Imperfect World,” which examines the challenge of adapting “immutable” blockchain technology to laws like “the right to be forgotten” within private enterprise systems. Mr. Lumb is also coauthor of “Bridging the technology gap in financial services boardrooms,” which argued that bank boards need deeper technology insight to set successful strategies in a digital world. He was named Consulting magazine's top financial services industry consultant in 2016.

Mr. Lumb is currently the chairman of Mortgage Cadence LLC (a wholly owned subsidiary of Accenture) and a non-executive director of Duck Creek Technologies. He is a former chairman of Accenture Software. He has a degree in mechanical engineering and an MBA from the University of Bradford in the United Kingdom.

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