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As the Official Mixed Relay Partner, Accenture will support the expansion of British Triathlon’s Mixed Relay Cup with three elite triathlete events in 2018 at London, Leeds and Nottingham.

The Mixed Relay format is racing at its most thrilling. It’s energetic, exciting, uncompromising and action-packed. The innovative format also known as 4XMixed Relay, comprises two men and two women. Each athlete completes a ‘super-sprint’ triathlon of swimming, biking and running, before tagging their next team mate in a relay race. It’s non-stop action from the very beginning, and the pace is relentless. It is survival of the fastest. The format will be included as an Olympic event for the first time in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

As part of Accenture’s commitment to champion involvement in the sport, together with British Triathlon, we have created the Accenture Mixed Team Challenge. The challenge will be hosted at events across London, Leeds, Northumberland, Manchester, Nottingham and Glasgow and holds true to the principles of mixed relay, providing people with the opportunity to take part in an inclusive, mixed gender and fun team activity. We are also creating an exclusive event at Canary Wharf at which we will replicate the elite Mixed Relay format offering a unique opportunity to take part in the event GB triathletes will compete in themselves.

The Accenture Mixed Team Challenge offers a range of options for participation:
Relay, in which 3 people complete just one leg each of a sprint triathlon, or
Tribe, in which 3 people complete a sprint triathlon each and their race times are combined and tracked against other Tribe teams within the race.

The Mixed Relay format was introduced by the ITU in 2009 after merging the previously individual men's and women's mixed relay titles. The format has been quickly adopted globally, and was placed on the programme of the 2010 Singapore Youth Olympic Games, with great success. The International Triathlon Union is passionate about having Triathlon Mixed Relay added to the Olympic programme, as the format appeals tremendously to youth. With numerous lead changes, lots of unpredictable drama and the display of team pride, the discipline develops the sport among new generations and new audiences. Additionally, the mixed relay format promotes gender equality in sport, showcasing that men and women can practice the sport together on the same field of play.

Each athlete completes a super sprint triathlon before tagging their team mate. The sprint triathlon format can vary but is normally set at course distance of around 300m swim, 7.5km bike, 1.5km run. Races last between an hour and ninety minutes depending on the course layout and are very explosive and exciting to watch.

The Accenture Mixed Team Challenge is a new mass participation triathlon format, open to anyone, at selected events across the country. Whilst the format differs slightly to that of the elite athletes, the Mixed Team Challenge invites you to get involved in triathlon whether you’re a keen triathlete or just starting out. Either way, you compete as a mixed gender team; because nothing beats working together.



In the Relay, you can compete in mixed teams of 3 or fewer (at least one man, and one woman) and each person will complete at least one leg of the triathlon. For example; man 1 swims, woman 1 cycles, man 2 runs. Or; man 1 swims, woman 1 cycles, woman 1 runs.

If this is your first triathlon experience or you’re not yet comfortable with all three disciplines, this option a great way to get started, with the added bonus of having a team for support!

Participation option one: Relay


In the Tribe, you can compete in teams of 3 (at least one man, and one woman) and each person will complete a sprint triathlon. You’ll all start in the same wave of racers and your combined race times will be added together to achieve your ranking against the other Tribe teams.

If you’re a seasoned triathlete or looking for a challenge, this option is the perfect way to compete as a team. Get your tribe involved!

Participation option two: Tribe