Nick Taylor

Managing Director, Strategy UKI Lead

Nick leads the Accenture Strategy Group for UKI.  From the onset of his career as a Rocket Motor and Explosives Engineer, he loves to explore, fix and build. This applies not only to understanding macro issues and delivering clear and actionable strategies, but to building collaborative teams that are focused, energised and can deliver.

In his role at Accenture Strategy he drives high performance for our clients which is a hugely rewarding and a challenging role, involving a range of ambition and expertise, including: business strategy and operating models, digital strategies and innovation, cost management, human capital management, organisational change as well as business transformation at huge scale.

His expertise broadly falls into 5 categories: 

1. Growth Opportunities – Spotting and taking advantage of new product/service/market opportunities 
2. Business Innovation – Developing and leading big change to deliver sustainable business benefits 
3. New Revenue Streams – Determining ‘what to do’ and ‘how to do it’  
4. Unblocking barriers to high performance – Identifying issues and developing programmes of work to resolve them 
5. Risk Management & Governance – Delivering the mechanisms to make, sponsor, and drive the right decisions 

Nick has worked with over 50 clients across all Client Service Groups, responsible for building new work in new accounts, including BBC, BP, Royal Mail Group, Korea Telecom, Vodafone and Marks & Spencer.