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James Canham

Managing Director,
Accenture Border Services


Jim Canham is managing director for Border Services. His role focuses on helping clients to tackle the issues around facilitating travel, speeding up processing and aiding security at the world’s borders. His responsibilities involve customs, border and identity management and the increasing virtualisation of physical borders.

He spends a good proportion of his time in the sky, traveling to client teams around the world to discuss organisational design and digital transformation. His passion is to ensure Accenture’s clients are getting the very best of Accenture. This means sharing knowledge and innovations from other parts of our client portfolio. It also means thinking about how the changing world, particularly changing technology, will impact our clients and, indeed, the users of their services.

In addition to his current role, Jim also serves as a member of the Confederation of British Industry’s London Council. He has also written and contributed to a number of publications on customs and border management, and advised the World Bank in developing their Border Management Handbook. A keen blogger, Jim champions initiatives related to mental health and wellbeing.

Jim gained a Bachelor of Arts in Geography from Kent University, a Master of Science in Environmental Economics at the University of London and an MBA from the ENPC International School of Business Management in Paris. After a number of years living and working in Mexico, Brussels and Australia, Jim now lives in London with his family, where the language of the household is a bizarre mix of French and English. His passions include rugby and skiing.

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