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Celebrating diversity during LGBT PRIDE Week 2016

1,200 Accenture UK employees became LGBT Allies during Pride this year!

Celebrating the diversity of our people is part of what makes Accenture an exceptional place to work. As part of our PRIDE week celebrations this year, our UK Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Network successfully recruited 1,200 new allies to our LGBT Ally programme, taking our UK LGBT Ally network numbers to an impressive total of more than 2,000!

We are immensely proud to have a strong LGBT Allies Network which was established to actively promote an inclusive and collaborative environment. We want our people to feel they can bring their authentic selves to work and ultimately excel at what they do. By harnessing our allies network and empowering them with the knowledge and confidence to have conversations around LGBT issues, we help our UK employees to spread awareness throughout our offices and our client sites.

During PRIDE week, our call to action was simple—to encourage new LGBT allies to sign up and to equip them with the knowledge they need to be effective in their role. Our London offices ran a series of awareness and education events and many of our regional UK offices and client sites also actively promoted our LGBT network and recruited new allies. This coupled with comprehensive marketing, communications and social media support helped us to really bang the drum for our LGBT Allies programme.

So what does it mean to be an LGBT ally? It’s fundamentally about celebrating inclusion and diversity and we do this through a variety of channels. For example, all allies receive our monthly newsletter which highlights events ranging from social occasions to insight sessions on “Unconscious Bias” and “The Power of an Ally,” as well as being invited to some of the LGBT Network sessions which focus on the L, the G, the B and the T. We also regularly team up with other affinity groups in our workplace to maximise the shared learning and networking opportunities.

We’re fortunate to benefit from a highly engaged senior leadership team who are active and visible allies, promoting the initiative and often sharing their own stories. Our success in achieving awareness of the LGBT allies programme, must also be owed to the distinctive rainbow lanyard every ally receives when they sign up. The lanyards identify our LGBT allies to colleagues, and the initiative has helped to raise awareness and visibility of the programme.

“Wearing our lanyards is a simple, clear statement that we are united with the LGBT community and committed to a supportive workplace where I&D is celebrated,” says Simon Eaves, senior managing director – Products, and Accenture’s executive sponsor of the LGBT Allies programme in the United Kingdom.

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