"Boundaries are being pushed all the time"

GB Triathlete

Innovation in Action

The second episode of the Tri New Now series follows the journey of the Athlete Genome, focusing on British Triathletes as they prepare for the Accenture World Triathlon Mixed Relay in Nottingham.

The Accenture World Triathlon Nottingham marks the British Sprint Championships for Age Group triathletes, and a crucial moment for elites on the road to the first ever Olympic Mixed Relay in Tokyo 2020. The Athlete Genome continues to develop and improve, as Accenture and British Triathlon work together to provide coaches with invaluable training insight.


"It’s all or nothing on training"

Paralympic Triathlete

Introducing the Athlete Genome

The first episode of the TRI NEW NOW series focuses on how we’re using AI to help British Triathletes and paratriathletes be the best prepared on the start line in Tokyo 2020.

The launch of the Athlete Genome takes us to Loughborough Triathlon Performance Centre, where elite British & Age-Group triathletes are preparing for the fast approaching triathlon season. The film provides unique insight into how the Athlete Genome can inform training decisions and ultimately an athlete’s quest to be on the top step of the podium.


In partnership with British Triathlon, we have created the ‘Athlete Genome’; a technology solution aimed at enhancing athletic performance, with the ambition to ensure British Triathletes are the best prepared athletes at the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo.  

The Athlete Genome is an industry-first, developed through the application of Accenture thinking and leading-edge technologies and in partnership with British Triathlon. The solution, a platform which integrates performance data with psychological data in sport, creates a hyper-personalised view of the impact of cognitive state on performance, and gives British Triathlon’s athletes and coaches the ability to make meaningful decisions based on this interaction.  

Working alongside British Triathlon and the world-leading English Institute of Sport, we are developing and validating the use of sentiment analysis in elite performance sport. By integrating technologies including artificial intelligence, machine learning, the cloud, wearables and cognitive and performance data from TrainingPeaks, the Athlete Genome seeks to understand the relationship between cognitive state and performance. Using voice recording of their day to day training experience and the analysis of sentiment data, the Athlete Genome allows athletes and coaches to drive further insight, making it easier to understand how they’re responding to their training programmes on a personal level.

The potential for this innovation is monumental. In the future we can strive to improve individual, team and company performance as well as people’s wellbeing, through the integration of cognitive and conventional data. Combining cognitive state with business data could allow companies to connect with their employees at a level never seen before; a personalised Genome to enhance employee satisfaction and business performance.