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Antti Kolehmainen

Managing Director,
Global Defence Business Service Lead,


Antti Kolehmainen is the Global Defence Services Lead, and client executive for the Finnish Defence Forces. Antti has worked in the defence community for more than 16 years, and he has led and delivered services in areas such as: systems integration/custom development, SAP implementation and sustainment, C4 platform development, situational awareness, technology architecture design, VR / AR capabilities, systems requirement design, process re-engineering and transformation, organisational reform, logistics and procurement, weapon systems maintenance, force planning and management, Federated Mission Network, financial planning and monitoring, identity and access management, cyber & security, HR and payroll solution development, and sustainment.

Heading up the Accenture global defence services industry since 2011, Antti and his team drive digital innovation via digitised industry platforms, blockchain, robotics & process automation, virtual & augmented reality, IoT for smart operations, artificial intelligence & machine learning, and R&D to examine and experiment with the latest trends and technologies that create significant opportunities for the defence industry. Experienced and curious, Antti is enthusiastic about the importance of innovation as a driver, and believes that his global perspective is invaluable in helping defence organisations in different regions to tackle similar challenges and opportunities. He holds a Masters Degree in Economics from University of Tampere in Finland and is based in Helsinki, Finland.