Wolverine Worldwide is an award-winning company comprised of 12 owned and licensed brands including Merrell, Chaco, Sperry and more. As a traditional wholesale company with over 130 years of heritage, the company continues to build on its rich legacy of quality products while simultaneously embracing innovation to create winning customer experiences.

With the goal of leveraging experimentation and optimization to drive these innovation efforts across its portfolio of brands, Wolverine Worldwide engaged the Clearhead team, now part of Accenture Interactive, to develop a digital strategy and a culture of experimentation.

Today we’re working together to transform the way the organization embraces optimization and the data it generates, using the results of this test and learn approach as the guiding light for decision making.

"Your approach has led us from subjective to data-based in the prioritization and design of our site experience."

– JILL BROWN THOMAS, Director – Digital Experience Optimization

Strategy and Solution

We helped Wolverine Worldwide build a culture of experimentation, rollout a testing process and even hire the right people for an innovative in-house team. Beyond the people, process, and technology, we also worked with Wolverine’s incredible optimization team to develop and execute the experiments themselves.

To ensure our optimization efforts focused on delivering maximum value, we used our Problem Solution Mapping (PSM) process to uncover and prioritize customer problems.

Our work in action

Interested in what our experiments entail? Here's an example.

A priority for Wolverine was to improve the cart and checkout pages across their many brands and platforms. For Sperry in particular, the mobile checkout was a source of frustration, with many shoppers abandoning their carts at this step.


The existing mobile checkout design was cluttered, making it difficult for customers to view and edit cart items, see item or total savings, and see free shipping promos. 


We believe that simplifying the mobile cart page will reduce distraction, making users more likely to proceed to checkout and increase order conversion rate.


We have a winner! The simplified mobile cart experience increased order conversion rate by 4.90 percent.

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As a traditional wholesale company with over 130 years of heritage, Wolverine Worldwide is working to position itself firmly in the new; 2017 marked a year of transformation, investment and growth that initiated a commitment to creating a culture of experimentation and developing robust optimization practices for its portfolio of brands.

As Wolverine Worldwide continues to make progress on its digital optimization journey with the help of our team, winning tests—especially those with significant revenue implications—demonstrate the value of an optimization program enterprise-wide.

With Wolverine Worldwide’s forward-thinking approach to innovation and improving the customer experience, its competitors are shaking in their boots.

Interested in learning more about how we helped Wolverine Worldwide accelerate its adoption of test and learn throughout the organization? Check out our webinar, “Conducting the Experimentation Orchestra.”

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